Who we are

We are a small and welcoming group of Christians in and around this village seeking to live and love the way of Jesus, and to let others know what makes the Christian faith unique and life-transforming.  We offer a warm and friendly welcome to people from all backgrounds and walks of life. We have a particular heart for older adults, but are still delighted when young families and children join us.

In our church we aim is to support each other in practical ways and in our spiritual, emotional and social needs as we face the pressures of contemporary life. Like many families we recognise the benefits of every generation - from nine months to ninety years - mixing and sharing so that we laugh, learn and love together.

We seek to encourage each other to recognise and use our personal gifts and abilities and to build each other up. We also recognise that our knowledge of our faith is never complete and together we seek to grow in our knowledge through reading the Bible and by joining together in worship and prayer.

Service to others outside the church is a significant aspect of our faith and we work in harmony with other local churches to play our part in serving our local community and beyond. We hope that through our church people can experience God’s love and the meaning, purpose and hope that the Christian faith brings.