Let the light shine in

New window


Sabrina in her workshop shows church members how the multi-section window is made

When our church window frames deteriorated to the point that they needed replacing, we assumed that this was just another fabric matter. But one of our members, Susi Dunsmore, is a retired art teacher with a vision for using the hidden windows of the sanctuary as an inspiration to worship.

Many doubts and concerns were expressed but gradually the idea took shape.

Susi contacted the young talented Royal College of Art graduate, Sabrina Cant. They considered together the idea of light and hope into this three-dimensional window; designing it and making the moulds, melting, firing the glass in a kiln, assembling the panels, polishing them and then transporting the window from Eel Pie Island ready to install it in our church.

It must be the first of its kind. It catches the light from every angle and shows up even when it is almost dark outside. Perhaps it can give us the message that Jesus, the Light of the World, is always there, on a happy bright day, but also at the end of each dark tunnel we may have to go through.

If you happen to pass by the church entrance one evening, just peep through the double glass doors; in the distance you will see the reassuring light radiating from the cross/star design of the window.

And if you are in church on a sunny afternoon you will see all the rainbow colours reflected from the window on some parts of the floor. Also on the chairs and at times also on the Bible showing the diversity of all the different colours and the beauty of God’s creation.

installing the 80kg window

We are now exploring how a centre cross could be installed will be discussed in a special working group, which can include flower arrangers, members of the fabric committee and the window designer Sabrina - and anyone else who is interested. Discussions will include the colours of the side windows, the future of the curtain etc.



Suggestions for the cross include:

·        small cross possibly made out of amber glass attached to the centre window.

·        glass or wooden cross hung underneath the window or above it.

·        cross incorporated into a tapestry hanging, possibly with a group working on this at Susi’s or at the church.

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