October '10

“To know Christ and to make Him known”.




Dar Friends

Whatever our age, it seems to me, we are always learning.  With Grandson duties now part of my life, I am relearning the delights of  seeing a young life develop, but also how to be more than one step ahead of the action such as this 1 year old opening cupboard doors and  also anticipating the propensity  for his fingers to home in on  mobile phones, TV remote controls and computer keyboards. His understanding of things technical is due to overtake mine in the not too distant future– not too difficult I hear some of you say !  Both his speech and his understanding have come from listening to those who are bringing him up. His speech does not yet have much that can be construed as recognisable words but his understanding of his world and the rules and regulations that mould behaviour is growing daily, as is his propensity to want to object to some of those constraints!

All of us are born and brought alive, kicking and crying into a world that is vast, complex, demanding, beautiful and yet sometimes damaging.  Then one day we stand up for ourselves and use language with nouns and verbs and show that we are growing up. Jesus told Nicodemus “You must be born again” (John 3 v. 7).  This is when we come alive to God. Birth is followed by growth as we become mature in our emotions, our minds, in our relationships with other people and, most importantly, our relationship with God.  Eugene Peterson said “Growing up involves the work of the Holy Spirit forming our born-again spirits into the likeness of Christ.”  We learn from each other – so meeting together is important – and we learn by studying God’s Word.

I hope that the series of sermons on the book of Ephesians will be a joyful learning curve for us - as well as the preacher!  We learn by studying and listening to God’s Word and the book of Ephesians applies God’s ‘new society’ to our daily lives.  It looks at what it means to be living in Christ and  what a wonderful privilege and experience that is.  Christ’s Gospel has implications for understanding what the church is, how it affects the way we live as a congregation and how it impacts on our relationships with each other, our families and society at large.

As well as meeting with fellow believers on a Sunday to pray, praise and listen to God’s Word, I hope you will also consider joining one of the 2 groups that meet during the week to look in greater depth at the book of Ephesians.  It is an opportunity to talk informally, to raise those questions that bother you, to look at ‘difficult’ verses squarely in the face and to seek God’s revelation of His Word for us today. We all need to let the Holy Spirit transfer scripture from a head knowledge to a heart understanding and response. Details of these groups can be got from Sue Ferguson.

I pray we will all grow into a greater understanding of where God is leading and develop a greater unity as we seek to live out the Gospel faithfully together.

With my love,




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