June '10

To know Christ and to make Him known.


Dear Friends,

One of the two ‘homeless’ guys (now in a hostel I am glad to say) whom I have known for a while, surprised me the other day.  I’ll call him Ben. His life was in a mess and he was at his wits end. As we talked Ben asked me to read to him Psalm 139.  It was a scripture from his youth that had stuck in his mind. That Psalm will be familiar to most of you for it talks about how God knows everything about us and wherever we are, He is there.  He has made us, surrounds us, knows us and tests us.  In his moment of desperate need, Ben knew that his only hope and any security that he could know, were to be found in God. He found comfort that God knew exactly what he was going through and knew him intimately. It made me look at my life and ask myself how much is God, and all that He is, paramount in my consciousness ?  

Our lives are often filled with apprehension whereas this Psalm counsels appreciation.  Our darkest moments do not prevent the penetration of God’s light into our everyday lives.  In fact He knows our words and our thoughts and we cannot go anywhere without his being there already.  The Psalmist wakes every day to the realisation that God knows him in great detail - his mind, his body, his emotions, his relationships, his psychology, his daily circumstances, his doubts, his fears his elations and disappointments ….. in fact everything. He invites God to search his thoughts and motives and lead him “in the way everlasting”.

I am sure that many of us need to come to that point where we again ask God to examine our hearts and our devotion to him. I need to realise again how awesome God is and that He should be central to every second of the life He has given me.  In our church too, God needs to be central to all our actions, thoughts and decisions. With Him we need not fear the future and we can walk each day in the confidence of his presence and constant care.  When God is at the centre, life is exciting.

May God bless you, and may you know the comfort of His presence with you every day and in everything.

Love to you all,


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